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the family evaluation

“If I ran my company like I ran my family, I would be fired from my job...”


Most of us are responsible to develop vision, strategy and budgets for our jobs and/or our ministries. However, rarely do we take the time to ask the questions:


What is God's vision for my family this year?

What plans do we need to develop to help us achieve our goals and see God’s plan realized in our family?

How can we prepare, budget, and gather resources to make this vision and plan a reality?

Below you will find an evaluation covering the major areas of our lives. These are areas in which we need to constantly evaluate, manage and prepare in order to achieve what God has called us to do both personally and as a family. Take the next several days to reflect and evaluate on the condition of your emotional and spiritual health, the state and condition of your family and pray to God for clarity in all of these following areas.

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