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Hey pretty lady. I am so excited to invite you to sit with us. You should know upfront that there are a lot of things that I love: iced coffee, family dance parties, warm chocolate chip cookies, making new friends, and fresh wild flowers. But more than all of those things - I love Sisterhood. It is the heartbeat of who I am.

I grew up thinking that friendship was easy and I would be constantly surrounded by friends throughout my life. I just knew it would be easy to make friends because I love people. But I am continuing to learn that isn’t exactly the case. The more women I talk to the more I realize that we are all craving something more when it comes to friendships and I believe sisterhood is the answer to that.

The Sisterhood is a group of gals that strive to uplift, encourage, celebrate, and connect with those around us. Isn’t that what we want? People to do life with. A group of gals that will join us in prayer when life throws us a few curve balls. A group of gals that show up when it matters.

So while it isn’t possible to become best friends with someone after one cup of coffee; I firmly believe that it is possible to become a part of the sisterhood immediately. Go ahead, consider this your formal invitation to sit with us – we promise to always have room for you.

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