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I think each and every one of us can look back at our lives and see those milestone moments that have marked us. They tell the story of who we are and they tell of the ongoing work of Christ in our lives.


Milestones remind us.

They challenge us.

They encourage us.

They shape us. 


This year, as the JFA Sisterhood, we want to take a look at milestone moments in the Bible and see how they play into the bigger picture story that God is writing. We want to learn from the Bible and from each other how to apply those lessons to our lives that we may become women whose faith is strengthened and whose influence speaks of who God is in every circumstance throughout our lives.


This is Milestones.


All ladies are invited to join us on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the North Wing of the church for a time of study, reflection and application.


If you miss a week, don't worry! We record each session, and you're welcome to catch the replay on Spotify.

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